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The emerging area of green chemistry envisages the minimum use of hazardous chemicals as far as possible.

Main Goal

The main goal of MAPSYN is the development of a multifaceted strategy and a net of collaborations for a rational application of alternative energy sources to selected end user chemistries and an optimal scaling up of innovative protocols born in the laboratory scale prototypes.


The application of novel process conditions beyond usual conditions to suited chemical reactions, these can help to improve process performance and can open new ways for chemical transformation.

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The hydrogenation sub group of the MAPSYN project met at Fraunhofer-IMM in Mainz on the 3rd Feb 2014. The technical discussions involved the further development of microreactors under microwave and ultrasonic conditions. New catalyst development and testing was discussed.

In Brussels on the 10th and 11th of June 2014, the 18 month MAPSYN review was held. the meeting was attended by the project officer and the project technical advisor.