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The emerging area of green chemistry envisages the minimum use of hazardous chemicals as far as possible.

Main Goal

The main goal of MAPSYN is the development of a multifaceted strategy and a net of collaborations for a rational application of alternative energy sources to selected end user chemistries and an optimal scaling up of innovative protocols born in the laboratory scale prototypes.


The application of novel process conditions beyond usual conditions to suited chemical reactions, these can help to improve process performance and can open new ways for chemical transformation.

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The 1st issue of the MAPSYN newsletter is now available & can downloaded from here.

Eindhoven University (TU/e) hosted a meeting for the MAPSYN  'Plasma N-fixation subgroup' on the 4th March 2013, were they discussed various issues related to experimental set-up, fabrication and related technical information required. Partners TU/e, end user Evonik, UWE and KPE were present.

The second general MAPSYN meeting was held at Eindhoven University (TU/e) on the 4th June 2013.

TU Eindhoven

C-tech Innovation attended the Chemistry Innovations annual Stakeholders event which was held at the Aston business school in the UK on June 25th and 26th, 2013. Details can be found here.

On the 2nd to the 4th of September, 2013, Hull University (HU) and Coventry University (CU) partners visited C-Tech Innovation for training on hydrogenation techniques in the organic chemistry laboratory. This was for the 'microwave and acoustic hydrogenation sub-group' of the MAPSYN consortium.

The 'catalysts development sub-group' of MAPSYN (Work-package 3) have met in Turin on the 30th September until Oct 1st,  2013. This group included Turin University, (TOR), Hull University (HU) and end user DSM.

C-Tech's physicist Dr Richard Heslop and TU/e's B. Patil have presented COMSOL modelling work, used for MAPSYN microwave and plasma processes, at a COMSOL conference at the Beurs-World Trade Centre in Rotterdam, on the 23rd to the 25th of October 2013.

The third general MAPSYN meeting was held at Alicante University (AU) on the 26th and the 27th November 2013.