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The emerging area of green chemistry envisages the minimum use of hazardous chemicals as far as possible.

Main Goal

The main goal of MAPSYN is the development of a multifaceted strategy and a net of collaborations for a rational application of alternative energy sources to selected end user chemistries and an optimal scaling up of innovative protocols born in the laboratory scale prototypes.


The application of novel process conditions beyond usual conditions to suited chemical reactions, these can help to improve process performance and can open new ways for chemical transformation.

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  • Volker Hessel Research Presentation (x 3) (TUE)
  • New Trends in Catalysis for Vitamins and Fine Chemicals(all material is already in the public domain, from published patents and papers)  (DSM)
  • Pd on ceria catalytic system for selective hydrogenations of triple bonds (DSM & TORINO)
  • Pd on boehmite catalytic system for selective hydrogenation of triple bonds (DSM & TORINO)
  • Ultrasound- and Microwave-Assisted Preparation of Lead-Free Palladium Catalysts: Effects on the Kinetics of Diphenylacetylene Semi-Hydrogenation (Paper was deemed important enough to be highlighted on the inside cover of the journal).  (UH, DSM & TORINO)
  • Recent Advances in Flow Chemistry (Presentation x 2 Syrris Workshop)
  • The Future of Flow Chemistry Presentation at Flow Chemistry Europe 2015 (Berlin, Germany)  (Syrris)